Backup and Remote Data Storage


With Backup and Remote Storage Services from AITC your organization will be able to recover from any disaster without losing critical data and halting productivity.


These services allow businesses to store an unlimited amount of data in one of our data centers that can be retrieved remotely from any location. This means that in the case of a catastrophic event or disaster, your company will be able to retrieve your data at any time, without skipping a beat.

AITC encrypts your stored data for added security, because safety is our number one priority. Before your data ever leaves your hands it is backed up at one of our data centers, and is automatically backed up repeatedly. The combination of encryption and our fail safe backup procedures keep your data safer than other IT companies, and ensure that a catastrophic event never hinders your ability to keep working.

Remote Data Storage Services from Austin IT Consultant are the only solution to your data retrieval and security needs.

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