Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Having a Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan in place before catastrophe strikes can save your business from being one of the 40%  who is unable to recover after the fact.


Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plans can mean the difference between closes your doors for a day, and staying closed forever


Disasters such as hurricanes, floods, robbery, massive system failure, onsite injury, etc. are never predictable, but always a possibility. When disaster strikes, most companies are unprepared for how to deal with the aftermath. By having a Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan in place, your business will have everything it needs to handle any situation.

We offer planning that thoroughly outlines the formal processes staff members follow in any catastrophic events. These plans include things like step by step natural disaster employee guides, insurance provider instructions, content and data retrieval instructions, etc.

These plans insure comprehensive continuity of your business processes, and will get your business back to highly-functioning and productive far faster than if you are without a plan. A disaster will always be a set back, but it should never be the reason a successful business goes under. Protect what you have built before it is in danger, with Disaster Recovery and Continuity Services from Austin IT Consultant.




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