Email Messaging and Archiving


Email Security and Archiving provide organizations with the ability to keep their messaging secure and accessible, with a system that allows for simplified management of their archives


New Age Security Filtering

  • Elimination of dangerous viruses, spam and phishing threats to your network and stored content
  • Disaster recovery for stored email - up to two months in the case of full network failure
  • Easily accessible e-mail and messaging archives with uptime guarantees

Continuity of Messaging Systems

  • Encrypted Email and archives solutions for added security
  • Communication, task/staff management performance increases guaranteed
  • 60 access to webmail in case of catastrophe or disaster
  • The state of your messages remain in tact, i.e. read, unread, deleted, and sent

Hosted Messaging and Archives that are Regulatory Compliant

  • Regulatory compliance standards are met and consistently reviewed
  • Messaging retention and analytical reporting
  • Solutions that meet all regulatory requirements for FINRA/NASD, SEC, SOX, HIPAA, and more

Administrative Control and Management Upgrades

  • Installation and upgrades of all software are outsourced to us
  • Spam Quarantine Reporting
  • Powerful web application with role-based permissions that give administrators more access and control over systems

24/7/365 Support through Multiple Channels

  • An IT consulting team that is available 24/7/365 by web, email, or phone


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