Hardware as a Service


Hardware as a Service is a program we offer that allows for lower costs associated with maintenance and repair, while offering tax benefits to our clients

Flat Monthly Fee Hardware as a Service means only paying for what you need, or less!

The flat monthly fee set up we have for our hardware services allow you to pay a FLAT monthly fee for ALL hardware repair, maintenance, service, upgrades, etc. This service includes all y service, and the periodic inspections of your hardware that we do as an added service.

By including all the physical components of your hardware in the operating expenses for your organization, we are able to offer a low monthly fee in addition to tax benefits. This reduces the high costs that are associated with hardware repairs and service, and makes it easier for you to budget hardware into your business plan.

(Hardware as a service additionally covers infrastructure augmentation, hardware, operating systems, software installation, warranty services for servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, firewalls, and any other network devices)

Hardware as a Service can provide with low cost, high reward solutions to all of your hardware service and maintenance needs.


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