Healthcare Technology Solutions

The Healthcare Technology Solutions offered by AITC will optimize your technology so that your business processes become more efficient, technology costs are reduced, and resources are reallocated to where they are most lucrative.

Is an HIPPA and HiTech compliant EMR/Practice Management Software support system important to your organization? If your technology processes were optimized to simplify usage and alleviate costs, would that add value to your IT services?

If so, our Healthcare Technology Solutions are the solution to your specific firm's needs, and are guaranteed to increase the performance of your systems

Our Healthcare Practice-specific services include:

  • Procedures that are HIPPA and HiTech compliant and accountable
  • EMR and Practice Management Software installation, maintenance, and service support
  • Medical Billing applications that simplify reporting and data input
  • Network and server management that is remote, easy to understand, and intuitive
  • Connectivity support for multi-location communication and content sharing

The Healthcare Technology Solutions are offered and managed by certified consultants and experienced technicians in this specific field

Our specialties lie in maintaining your healthcare practice’s specific needs through our regulatory compliant processes and our highly experienced information technology consultants.

The team of experts you have at your disposal are your Healthcare practice’s  support, maintenance, and problem solving servants, available 24/7/365.

Our level of experience is unparalleled in Austin, and the advantages of employing our Healthcare Technology Solutions are boundless. Get your systems working smarter, not harder, so your organization can stop wasting resources and start increasing profits. Call Austin IT Consultant now to take your business to the next level.





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