Hosted Email Services


Spam, viruses and phishing threats can be eliminated and messaging systems can be improved with Hosted Email Services from AITC

The Hosted Email Solutions we offer are a comprehensive and cost effective way to store and retrieve your messages remotely, while providing a system that offers administrators more control over accessibility and formatting

The Hosted Email Solutions offered:

  • Elimination of dangerous viruses, spam and phishing threats to your network and stored content
  • Easily accessible e-mail and messaging archives with uptime guarantees
  • Disaster recovery for stored email - up to two months in the case of full network failure
  • Regulatory compliance standards are met and consistently reviewed
  • Messaging retention and analytical reporting
  • Encrypted Email and archives solutions for added security
  • Communication, task/staff management performance increases guaranteed

Messaging risks are diminished and costs are reduced with the hosted email services we offer. Our solutions work with your existing network, and in case of a disaster, we make your messages secure but accesible.


The technology solutions we provide enable your organization to restructure your communication, scheduling, and task management systems. And we do it at a cost that saves you money while simultaneously increasing productivity and access to critical data and messaging.

Let our Hosted Email Services give you secure and reliable access to your messages while complying with all regulatory standards. Call today, and get Hosted Email Services by tomorrow! 

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