IP Video Surveillance Solutions


Security is a necessity, but IP Video Surveillance Systems are the new age fail-proof technology that your future intruders are cursing and avoiding


Streaming IP video surveillance can mean the difference between a costly break in that results in detrimental loss, and an isolated intrusion attempt that is thwarted before any real damage is incurred.

Surveillance based security is too often expensive and inefficient as a security solution for businesses with a physical storefront or facility. Austin IT Consultant offers IP Video Surveillance Services as a low cost alternative to hiring full time security, while managing to protect your physical business front more effectively.

The safety and security of your data, assets, staff members and equipment should be your organization's number one priority. Our services cater to this need by providing you real time video and pictures from a remote location of what is going on at your place of business. We can install video surveillance systems in any location, on your already existing network.

Our systems are compatible with analog and/or IP cameras over public networks, and can be synchronized with any number of physical video installations. Our technology records in-action/live streaming video or still images wherever they are set up, and are immediately alerted to inconsistent activity as it is occurring. All footage is recorded and stored for at least 6 months in a remote location that can be accessed at any time from any location.

If securing your business front and ensuring the protection of your staff and assets is important to you, then pick up the phone now to get set up with IP Video Surveillance Services from Austin IT Consultant.

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