Legal Technology Solutions

The Legal Technology Solutions offered by AITC will optimize your technology so that your business processes become more efficient, technology costs are reduced, and resources are reallocated to where they are most lucrative.

Is having an experienced IT consultant with legal experience important to your organization? Would increased technology efficiency and productivity something that would benefit your law firm?


Our Legal Technology Solutions are the solution to your specific firm's needs, and are guaranteed to increase the performance of your systems

Our Legal Practice-specific services include:

  • Virtual  e-discovery services, and email/data/content archiving
  • Remote hosted document, email and messaging services
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) for attorneys and legal assistants that offer all software related services and components (installation, upgrades, maintenance, repair) as a service
  • Flat monthly fee based pay structure that reduces cost and promotes more predictable budgeting
  • Network Monitoring and real time alert systems
  • Connectivity support across unlimited locations
  • Access to stored data from remote locations, at any time or place

The Legal Technology Solutions are offered and managed by certified consultants and experienced technicians in this specific field

We specialize in maintaining your legal practice’s specific needs through intuitive technology applications and practice-focused legal consulting efforts.

The team of experts you have at your disposal are your Legal practice’s support, maintenance, and problem solving servants, available 24/7/365.


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