Messaging and Collaboration Solutions


Our collaborative approach to messaging enables your team to work on the same document or project simultaneously, from any number of locations, using a secure and reliable system.

We make content distribution and management more centralized and collaborative across all departments of your business. State of the art network connected software applications are installed on your devices to make collaboration of tasks streamlined and unified.

Get more out of the information you share and how you share it

Our software enables your organization to access messaging and content in a more effective way, locate relevant information faster, and control the dissemination of messages more acutely. Administrators will more have control over how your data and messages are stored, retrieved and secured, using an encrypted network with infallible security.

The management of electronic correspondence is streamlined, by allowing employees from any location add to web pages, PDF files, and emails in real time remotely. Our portals and tools give you the additional features of simultaneous content editing and sharing, that can then be hosted in a separate location for safe keeping.

Messaging and Collaboration Solutions from AITC promote massive participation, tracking, and reporting of all content sharing, which will increase the productivity and profitability of your communications.

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