Print Management Solutions


Print Management Solutions can lower the cost of your printing projects by utilizing our price per page options

With pay-as-you-go printing and a fixed cost per page, it will cost less to do all of your printing through our services than without. Those features plus maintenance, service, and products all wrapped up into a predetermined monthly fee, will have you spending significantly less on your projects than if you go through a company like Kinkos or Office Depot.

The Print Management Solutions that AITS offers are:

  • Black and white and color printing options
  • Network printing and copying
  • A predetermined monthly fee structure that includes pages printed, maintenance, services and all physical products
  • An operating expense solution that alleviates the entire cost of capital expenditures on equipment
  • Tax benefits associated with our operating expense solution
  • An easy to use, custom print service that fits your organization's needs

The Print Management Solutions offered cover the entirety of your service, maintenance, supplies, printing, and any other costs associated with printing

We can figure out the best printing options for your business, all of which will lower the costs of your printing. Our Print Management Solutions will help your budget and simplify how you accomplish your paper-based projects.


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