SharePoint Solutions

Unlimited access and simplified sharing of critical data and processes are what Share Point Solutions can provide your organization

A collaborative approach and new age messaging applications allow for efficient content sharing and intuitive management across all of your departments. SharePoint Solutions will directly affect the value of your communications, which in turn affect your profitability.

Our SharePoint Solutions are the answer to streamlining business processes and managing shared information more effectively


The SharePoint solutions we offer increase the speed and ease of internal and external shared business processes. Administrators are given flexible yet simplified management of e-documents, that maintains business continuity across departments or multiple locations.

Simplify the way information is shared and collaborate more effectively

Our SharePoint Solutions enable your organization to access messaging and content in a more effective way, locate relevant information faster, and control the dissemination of messages more acutely. Administrators will more have control over how your data and messages are stored, retrieved and secured, using an encrypted network with infallible security.

The management of electronic correspondence is streamlined, by allowing employees from any location add to web pages, PDF files, and emails in real time remotely. Our portals and tools give you the additional features of simultaneous content editing and sharing, that can then be hosted in a separate location for safe keeping.


SharePoint Solutions from AITS include:

  • Document review and approval
  • Critical issue tracking and signature collection
  • Strategic high-value tasks instead of redundant activities
  • Enhanced customer relationship management
  • Partner and supplier relationships improved by making forms-based business processes
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Regulatory requirement compliance
  • Streamlined access to structured and unstructured content across systems
  • Safe access of content while still protecting sensitive or private information


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