Voice Over IP Phone Solutions


A new VoIP phone system with Unified Messaging Features will enable you to access and translate your voicemails from anywhere, at any time, allowing you and your team to have a more convenient and efficient form of communication.

Additional features such as Find Me, Follow Me offers an even more intuitive solution to missed calls. FMFM is a calling setup that has your different lines (office, cell, home, etc.) ring in succession until you answer or is sent to voicemail. This feature is perfect for when you are traveling or wish to be highly accessible both in and out of the office.

Voice Over IP Phone Solutions allow you to communicate with clients and staff that were not present for important meetings or calls

Voice Over IP Phone Solutions enable you to record conferences, voice mails, phone calls, etc. and then send those communications to any of your staff or clients via email. Voice Over takes whatever is said and translates it into a document, word for word. This feature can be installed as an app on laptops, phones, tablets, or any other network connected device you choose. With VoIP, your organization has never been more organized or accessible to your team.

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