Web, Application and Database Development


A custom Website Design and state of the art Application and Database Development could be just what your organization needs to increase profits and efficiency in your technology

Our Web/Application/ Database Development services will help manage and optimize your legacy sites, systems, databases and applications, which will make them more user-friendly and productive

Website Development and SEO

Your web presence can be used to increase profits and offer your clients a simple yet attractive platform to communicate with your business. Our experienced team of creative web designers take your organization's info and your specific requests, and create an intuitive and modern website that is search engine optimized and easy to navigate. With an upgraded website, your company will immediately see the benefits in customer satisfaction and profitability.

Application Development and Automation

The various applications and services we specialize in include:

  • Workflow Analysis
  • Process Engineering
  • Office Automation
  • Reduction of "bottlenecks" and more streamlined processes
  • Automation and maintenance of many other applications

Database Modification

Whether we are working with the database you already have, or designing a database completely from scratch, AITC will provide you with the most user-friendly and reliable database of any IT service provider in Austin. Our services include simple augmentations, such as adding a few fields to include more data, adding new reporting software, and changing the structure or layout of your database, as well more intensive database overhauls and rewrites. Regardless of your needs, we will help you decide what is best for your company, and then deliver a product that exceeds your expectations.

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